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Last night, I had the chance to attend the 20-year reunion of Blue Springs High School class of ’87.  Back then, there was only one high school in Blue Springs and we were the largest
high school in all of Missouri (3600-4000
students?).  Kudos to the planning team who put on the event.  You guys did an awesome job!

What a great time to see people, some of whom I haven’t seen for 20 years.  (Yes, twen-teeee!!!  Are you kidding me???)  A few people looked EXACTLY the same, but won’t mention any names Karla Querry).  Some aged like fine wine, growing better over the years.

I loved hearing from everyone and found myself wanting to hear more of their stories.  (The picture to the right are students who went to William Yates Elementary, where I attended kindergarten through second grade.  I’ve obviously got really bad great timing, adjusting my glasses.)

For those of you in BSHS class of ’87 who didn’t pick up the reunion booklet, you can download my memory page by clicking here: Download bshs_20_yr_reunion.doc.  Also, check out my message this morning called Knowing LoveI gave a shout out in the first couple minutes to everyone from our class & did a Casey-Kasem-like-thing with a Foreigner song from 1984.  🙂

I heard Scott Delk is organizing our next reunion at  Scott is two guys to the right of me in the black shirt & gray coat.  Does anyone know what happened to his hair?  🙂

P.S. Alright.  It’s only fair for me to share what happened to me in 20 years.  Here’s my senior picture.  Let the comments begin…