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Bible - My Personal Reading I'm continuing my journey through the Bible these days.  As always, I'm reading front to back, Genesis to Revelation, a little a day.  And when I finish?  I start all over again.  And I'll do this for the rest of my life.

Anyway, here's what I wrote in my spiral-notebook journal today from my time with God.

From 2 Thessalonians…

  • 1:13 authors
  • 1:3 – He's thanking God for their faith that growing (loving God) and their love to each other (loving people)
  • 1:4 Patience and faith in persecutions
  • 1:7 – Total rest will come someday when Jesus is revealed from heaven with his mighty angels
  • 2:2 – Don't be stressed about the end times (& the coming of Jesus)
  • 2:15 – Traditions aren't bad, as long as they're Biblical
  • 3:1 – God, I pray for this: That (1) the Word may run swiftly and (2) be glorified…(a) in my family, (b) at Grace Church, (c) in our missionaries, and d) among the K's, an unreached people group we are praying for
  • 3:8 – Paul didn't have a lot of "free time"…he "worked with labor & toiled night & day"
  • 3:9 – Sometimes Paul didn't use an authority he had to be a better example to a church (ouch…when do you want me to do that?)

From 1 Timothy…

  • 1:7 Some people want to be teachers…but they don't know the Law or God!
  • 1:15I am chief sinner, too
  • 3:15"House of God?" = The "Church" (the people)
  • 4:15 – Pastors need to make sure their personal growth "progress may be evident to all"
  • 5:4 – Caring for parents/grandparents?  It's "repaying" them
  • 6:8 – A new level of contentment = food & clothing
  • 6:9 – All the "Do you want to be rich?" commercials

From 2 Timothy…

  • 1:4Tim was crying
  • 1:5 A 3rd generation believer
  • 1:9Our calling is not based on us, but His purpose & grace
  • 2:1 – Be strong in Christ's grace
  • 3:5 – Having "a form of" godliness…yuck!
  • 3:12 – Lord, I desire to live a godly life.  Therefore, I will suffer persecution
  • 4:3 – These people have an unhealthy, dysfunctional relationship w/the teachers of 1 Tim 1:7 …a spiritually co-dependent relationship

Meet with God…every day…no matter what.

Peace out.