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Continuing my quest to meet our church neighbors…reaching out to pastors within 1-mile…the "1-Mile Pastors" group.

Today, I want to feature Greg Montague from SouthWoods Christian Church.  Greg is an Okie who, with his wife Laura, has been pastoring in the Stanley area for, I believe, around 16-17 years.  He sensed God’s call to pastoring when he was very young and had a key man mentor him in ministry.  He came to our area when there was only 1-2 churches within miles.  He was a real pioneer for our community.

Greg has two "prayer
requests" for his church.

  1. That God would lead SouthWoods to the property He has for them to purchase (or further guidance regarding various obstacles they’ve faced in the past).
  2. That God would have His hand upon a new Saturday night service they are starting in June called "The Gathering" (targeting the postmodern generation — a more interactive, less structured worship…click to see my definition of postmodernism).

Would you pause just a moment and lift Greg and SouthWoods up in prayer?  Thanks so much.