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Last Sunday, Object - Empty Tomb I also mentioned that the Bible records 10 different appearances to people during the 40 day period between his resurrection & ascension.  He was really trying to accomplish 2 things:

  1. Prove he was physically risen
  2. Pass on some final instructions

Jesus' 10 appearances (of which there's a great chart available on pg. 91 of The Bible Knowledge Commentary) are as follows:

  1. Mary Magdalene
  2. A group of women
  3. Peter
  4. 2 disciples (on the road to Emmaus)
  5. 10 apostles (without Judas)
  6. 11 apostles (with Judas)
  7. 7 apostles (on a fishing trip)
  8. 500+ people (on a mountain in Galilee)
  9. James (Jesus' half brother)
  10. 11 apostles (at the Mount of Olives)