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Continuing my quest to meet our church neighbors…reaching out to pastors within 1-mile…the "1-Mile Pastors" group.

Every month, I tell the next generation of people coming through our Prospective Members Class that Grace Church is not in competition with other churches in the community.  God called us to be "fishers of men" instead of "rustlers of sheep."  (Didn’t they used to tar-and-feather "sheep-rustlers"?)  🙂

Anyway, today I want to feature Derrick Lynch.  I had lunch with him last week.  He’s the new senior pastor of Blue Valley Baptist Church located 1-mile to the north of us.  Derrick is an Okie who has ministered in Oklahoma and Tennessee.  (You might remember I had lunch with another Okie-pastor within 1-mile back in May.)  Derrick is a man who is passionate about Christ, his vision, & building the Kingdom by fulfilling a needed niche in our community.

If you’d like, you can check out Derrick’s profile and review of a book here.  And you can meet Blue Valley’s new worship pastor here who is on his way to Overland Park.

Here is Derrick’s prayer
request for his church.

  • That God would build a quality ministry team at his church by locating and hiring:
  1. A full-time youth minister
  2. A full-time children’s minister

Would you pause just a moment and lift up Derrick and Blue Valley Baptist in prayer?  Thanks so much.